Suriska - webcomic

Quick montage of Freya's school day. The kids reenact a solstice ceremony. At the end of the day, the kids leave, and before leaving herself, Freya drops Tova off with her mother in the next classroom.

-13 December 2019-

American elementary schoolers reenact Thanksgiving. Elementary schoolers in this world reenact the solstice bonfire.

With a long animation project and a commission to finish, I was only able to work on this page very sporadically and didn't finish it until just now. I know Friday used to be our update day, but I've gotten pretty comfortable updating on Tuesdays, so I'll try to get the next page out by then.

The anniversary Q+A will be posted some time next week; until then, feel free to send a question in if you haven't: ☆FORM LINK

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