Suriska - webcomic



(/ˈfreɪə/ /ˈfɑr ðə/)


•Age: 24

•Height: 5’ 8”

•Star sign: Libra

A self-described opportunist, Freya moved to the small town of Suriska to take a job teaching primary school. Although generally cheerful, Freya has selfish tendencies and is often blinded by her own spite. She is also quite fond of fuzzy hats.


(/'koʊr ɪn/ /ˈfɑr ðə/)


•Age: 21

•Height: 6' 4”

•Star sign: Cancer

The only child of a dysfunctional marriage, Corin moved out of the house at 19 to live with his cousin, Freya. He suffers from crippling anxiety, which was only worsened by the death of his parents in a house fire. He generally regrets every decision he makes.

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