Suriska - webcomic

A slice-of-life comic about trains, bad weather, and insecurities.

Freya and her cousin Corin live in a tiny northern town of Suriska. Afraid of missing a job opportunity, Freya moved to the town to become a primary school teacher, Corin joining her two years later to escape his parents, in the boldest decision of his life. However, tucked isolated in the mountains, with a population of 150, the place isn't exactly the definition of paradise.

Complications arise when an unscheduled train arrives with passengers seeking refuge from an imminent snowstorm. Soon both cousins are forced to reevaluate their priorities - as well as their unstable relationship with one another.

(a comedy)

Updates Fridays.


Claire (a.k.a. "Piney") is a 20-year-old cartooning student at School of Visual Arts, and writer and artist of Suriska. She expects to receive a BFA in 2018. Originally from Richmond, Virginia, she currently lives in Manhattan.

Although Suriska is her first long-form comic, she hopes to publish many more webcomics and graphic novels in her future comics career. In her free time she enjoys reading comics, taking long showers, and crying over dog rescue videos.

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