Suriska - webcomic

Corin reassures his mom that one day she'll be able to achieve her dreams and be independent.

-2 December 2021-

I'm so glad to have some of you who stuck around through that massive hiatus. While I can't guarantee regularity for future updates, I can guarantee that I'll try. I'm making soft plans next year to "remaster" act 1 of this comic as a Gumroad exclusive, so I'm going to be focusing on this story a lot whether it's new pages or not.

I have 2 updates for you otherwise:

UPDATE #1: HAPPY 5TH ANNIVERSARY!! Check my twitter in a couple days for a 5th anniversary illustration! (If only there were more pages to celebrate this year...)

UPDATE #2: I launched a new webcomic back in May! "The Traveler" is a drama/romance about finding safe spaces, following a young woman who seeking refuge after escaping an abusive household (CW for references to domestic abuse). This is going to be my main focus until the story is finished but in no way is it intended to be a replacement for Suriska. I'm really happy with it, so please enjoy both comics! ♡ You'll find the link below on all future pages.

For any further, more regular updates, follow me on twitter! (Well, I don't know how you got here otherwise... but just in case.)

Link to The Traveler (webcomic)


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