Suriska - webcomic

Corin has opened the package and reads a note left by his aunt explaining that she bought chocolate for him. Corin gets emotional about it.

-3 December 2019-

[Transcription in case the text is hard to read]

Happy birthday, Suriska!!! (three exclamation points for how many years it's been)

The comic turned 3 yesterday. I don't have anything sappy to say about it really, but it has really helped me develop my storytelling and drawing abilities tenfold. I didn't know where I was going with it when I started it, and I wish I was quicker at figuring that out, but that's what a learning curve is! I can't say I hope for three more years, because truthfully, I didn't expect this to last longer than 3 years when I started it. I can safely say now we've still got another full year before this is over, lol.

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TL;DR Suriska is a year older!

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