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Corin sees a figure called the kindle-walker (which is a person in a suit collecting wood), and closes the curtains, terrified.

-20 January 2019-

This is a double update! Click back if this is the first page you see!

Anyway, hello! No one's more excited about this comic updating again than me. My drawing tablet stopped working on New Year's Eve, and I went a full two weeks without drawing digitally before I could round up enough money to buy a new and better tablet. (I bought a secondhand intuos pro and I love it. The pen pressure is wild and will need some getting used to. Apparently I have a really light hand.)

The very important thing I need to say is that I moved what was formerly pages 28-38 (the overly long folk tale) to their own section in the "extras" tab, and condensed it to five pages instead of 11 (no new art, just old panel rearranging). Thus, all pages after the section were renumbered, and are now six pages less than what they used to be - i.e. what was page 99 is now page 93. Also, all the comic pages were moved to a new path in order to migrate the disqus threads to the correct renumbered pages (/pages/#.html instead of /#.html). So really just a heads up if you get confused, or have any pages in your bookmarks.

The guest art from the past month also has a new home under extras! Thank you so much everyone who contributed art!!

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