Suriska - webcomic

Freya is trapped in a conversation about a girlfriend who doesn't exist. Corin gets up and notices a photo of his parents on the shelf. His uncle walks in and catches Corin on the verge of tears.

-19 October 2018-

This page was directly inspired by the time I first saw the box with my late dog's ashes and I almost immediately started crying before my mom walked into the room. (oops that was too dark wasn't it)

Important update: Suriska will go back to updating on Fridays! My timing didn't work out this week to finish the page for Sunday or Monday, so I decided it was best to return to my old schedule (which I'd been wanting to do for a while- using weekends as crunch time isn't fun). Sorry for the delay, but thanks for being patient! ♡♡♡

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