Suriska - webcomic

Corin's mom complains to him about how his dad makes terrible excuses to avoid going to social events with her. In the present, Corin lounges on a snow-covered rock, eating a piece of chocolate.

-2 December 2020-

This is as good a place as any to announce that it's Suriska's 4th anniversary! I wish I could say this is an accomplishment, but I put out so few pages this year that it doesn't feel nearly as celebratory as usual! (Plus, I don't believe I expected the comic to take me this long when I started it...)

Click through for something extra! No special Q+A this year because I didn't realize December 2nd was fast approaching until last Thursday or Friday, and I would've had to post a new page to promote it here (since not all of you follow my twitter), and it was just too late for me to put in that amount of work. I hope y'all enjoy the anniversary post regardless. ♡

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