Suriska - webcomic

Freya has obsessive thoughts about what could have caused people to not pay attention to her.

-28 October 2019-

Wow, so... October was a mess for me in that there were way too many things distracting me. Suriska ended up on the back burner unfortunately, but I intend to make an effort to prioritize it these next couple months. I'm trying to figure out my creative path/schedule. I'll see you next week!!

Also!! I revamped my Patreon for the first time with current information about the projects I'm working on and what I actually intend to share there. I've updated my rewards tiers and aim to release a larger variety of content that might be more appealing to people. If all goes to plan, my $5 tier will get actual videos of me (well, my voice) talking about my comics/storytelling process. It's gonna be fun, I hope. Now's a great time to get in on the fun! wink wink hint hint

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