Suriska - webcomic

-Guest Art: Erin Roseberry-
-4 January 2018-

Happy new year! Today's adorable guest art is by Erin Roseberry! She's a great cartoonist and storyteller; you can check out her work on Twitter and Tumblr! She also just opened an online shop, so if you like enamel pins and minicomics, check that out too!

Important announcement: The beginning of Act II of Suriska will have to be delayed at least a week. :'( My drawing tablet stopped working on Monday and I'm currently trying to round up the funds to buy a replacement, and I obviously can't draw the comic without the tablet. I've opened up traditional commissions for said purpose if you're into that, otherwise my Ko-Fi is always open if you want to send me a few dollars to help speed this process up.

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